2023 Week 9: Beijing Sucks 🤷‍♂️

Overview This weekly recap spans from February 22nd to February 26th, 2023. You might notice that I changed the name of this series from “Weekly Report” to “Weekly Recap.” I was inspired by yuchanns’s weekly recap. “Weekly Report” would make me feel stressed because I used to have to write a weekly report for my previous jobs. “Weekly Recap” is more relaxed as an informal summary of my week. Professional

2023-08: Global Game Jam

Overview The weekly report is from January 31st to February 21th, 2023. I decided to write the weekly report series in English because I want to improve my English skill. Not just for writing but primarily for getting familiar with English words and phrases. That’s also why I delayed this blog for a few weeks. I was using Grammarly when I wrote the blog, and spent too much time embellishing

2023-04: 过年附近

这里又是一份周报, 时间范围是2023-01-16到2023-01-30, 会记录一些工作及生活上有意思的事情. 上周因为过年太过于舒服所以鸽了.

2023-02: 快过年了

这里又是一份周报, 时间范围是2023-01-09到2023-01-15, 会记录一些工作及生活上有意思的事情. 代码/计算机相关 有趣的工具: lnav 从

2023-01: 新冠初愈

这里又是一份周报, 时间范围是2023-01-02到2023-01-08, 会记录一些工作及生活上有意思的事情. 代码/计算机相关 尝试了区块链上自