I realized that when I go to open someone’s blog, I want to get to know that person spontaneously.

And reading the “About” section is the most direct way to get to know someone. So I decided to write a little bit about myself.

Hi, I’m ZHOU Zhiqiang(周志强), my online ID is usually STRRL/strrlthedev. My email is echo "YmxvZ0BzdHJybC5kZXYK" | base64 -d.

This site was built for recording my thoughts and notes. I haven’t thought about what to provide for otherwise. If it helps you, it’s really a coincidence.

There would not lots of technical articles here, but I will put some of the things I am interested in or researching recently. I will also update the Weekly Reports irregularly. Occasionally, I will also put some solutions to the problems I encountered in daily computer usage (reproduction times >= 3).

There is my career path:

  • Currently working at Limit LAB, as backend engineer & DevOps. Also exploring as indie developer at Boring Design.
  • Previously worked at PingCAP, as a member of the Chaos Mesh team, responsible for the development of the chaos engineering platform. Company would die, long live with Open Source!
  • Before that, I worked as an SRE at Weidian, a e-commerce company in China.
  • A little more earlier, I was a SWE at Bangsun Technology, a startup company in China, majoring in streaming processing, big data, and decision flow.
  • The main languages I use are Java, Go and TypeScript. I would explore more area with Kotlin, Swift, Rust.

My Resume, Resume in Chinese.

Ask Me Anything: https://cal.com/strrl/30min