It’s so awkward that I still no back to the regular weekly recap. 😅

And there are still no many things recorded in Journal since last weekly recap written.

Professional Stuff

New way to build User Interface: Chat Bot

I always stuck with drawing UI.

I have made some bad UI design like these:

I was struggling with the UI design, the layout, typography, color, animation, etc.

Until recent days ago, when I was using the Telegram “Saved Message”, I just realized that the chat bot is another good way to build the User Interface.

I think I would revive the “GTD Buddy” project and build it as a chat bot, that’s a dedicated, fully guided, and interactive GTD assistant.

In Progress: From Hugo to Astro

I found that the new static site generator, Astro, is very powerful and flexible, I think it would be a good replacement for Hugo, and I rather became locked-in with the new Astro framework.

For me, the content is the most important thing in blog, but the appearance is also a big influence for my writing experiences.

There are lots of blogs which have different styles but all of them are beautiful:

I have no idea on making a beautiful blog, also no idea on graphic designs.

I just have some preferred features before, like:

  • embed twitter / youtube / link as a card
  • og protocol supports
  • better code block
  • better image preview

The initial reason I want to switch to Astro is that I found that Astro could build integration with lots of different frontend frameworks, like React, Vue, Svelte, etc.

And the building system is also flexible and pluggable, I have resolved the issue of “Image Relative Path in Markdowns” by making a custom plugin.

Although Astro is a framework, not a library, I have seen that its power. I think I could accept that trap myself into its ecosystem.

Personal Stuff

Discord is not good as a “Saved Message”

Discord is a Electron App, it’s slow to open, and sometime it automatically install updates. It really takes more time than open telegram and paste the link to the “Saved Message”.

Telegram always be native apps for different platform, it’s very very fast to open.

The same thing also happens on Notion, that’s another reason I found that I have came to rely on the “Saved Message” in telegram but not “GTD / Capture” in Notion.

Discord has a limitation on upload file size, free user could only upload file with size up to 20MiB, and with Nitro, it would be (Some number in MiB, I forgot). For my use case, a PDF doc might be up to several dozens of MiB, and video would be hundreds of MiB. It’s so limited.

IIRC, free user in Telegram could upload up to 2 GiB file, and with Telegram Premium, it would be 4 GiB. That’s enough for my personal usage.

So I am going to move my “Saved Message” from Discord back to Telegram.

The only one thing that Telegram does not do it well is “full text searching in Chinese”, and it has been a long time since the telegram community report it. ☹️

For me, I think here is another solution for that, it relates to the above topic, “GTD Buddy”, I would integrate the chat bot and Notion Storage, using the searching capability of Noiton.

I broken my left ankle

Yeah.. That’s really hurt. 🥹

It was 3-4 weeks ago, it does become better, but I still not fully recovered from that damage.

And I walked soo much in the past 2 weeks, for looking around new office with Kevin, and touring west lake and markets with my mom.

Travel to Shenzhen and Hong Kong

I traveled to Shenzhen to meet one of my university classmate. She worked as an audio engineer in Tencent, Timi Studio, but she got the message that she would be “graduated” from the company. Then we cancelled the plan to tour around the Hong Kong, we just stayed in Shenzhen for 2 days, and I came back to Hangzhou earlier than planned.

The one main purpose to go to Hong kong is open an account from any Hong Kong bank. I applied for ZA Bank, Ant Bank and HSBC One. The process is kind of smoothly, I does not get rejected, but I am still waiting fot the physical card to be delivered to Hangzhou.

I also meet Jie and Innei in Hong Kong, we ate McDonald’s and talked a lot. 🥰🥰