Haye AI, Llama3 and Tool Call

The Background In the last few weeks, Caicai and me are working on the product, Haye AI, which is an in-context AI assistant. We dedicated our part time to this product, and we are following the fancy ideas and state-of-the-art technologies to make it better. And days ago, Meta released llama 3, which really changed something. The New Open Source Model: LLaMA 3 LLaMA 3 is really impressive in various of aspects:

Haye AI, Llama3 和 Tool Call [CN]

BTW: 这是使用 Haye AI 的翻译功能翻译的. 背景 在过去的几周里,我和 Caicai 一起致力于开发产品 Haye AI,这是一个上下文感知的人工智能助手。 我们抽出业余时间来开发

2024 Week 15: Rushing Code Rushing Life

Long time no see. I was too busy to write the weekly recap in the last 4 weeks. I was too busy to do anything else. 😅 I just accumulated enough energy and wills to write this post, even it’s already 1 am. Our family would face lots of changes in 2024, so I think it worth to record the current status of my life. Maybe 6 months later, I

2024 Week 11: Personal Updates

Okay, that started. Okay. This is the second time that I am trying to use voice recording with speech to text, technology to writing my blog. And if you found something, something is weird because, you know, this is speech to text. So there is not 100% accuracy. I have thought about my life, my career, my income and my future plan. I still have no clear things to chase,

2024 Week 5: Personal Updates

So, I haven’t updated my post for about three or four months. One reason is that I’ve discovered once I have an opportunity to focus on something, it’s really challenging to find enough time to write it down. I’ve realized that it’s very difficult to consistently maintain high energy levels. Moreover, it’s really tough to complete building products in a short span of time. In the past three months, I’ve