2023 Week 38: Process or Product

Overview It takes me too long time to write blogs, so I decided to use another way to write posts. I would allocate 30 minutes to write a post, and I would not care about the quality of the post, just write it down. If I found that the quality is not good enough, or there are no more time to express thoughts, I would use other tricks to make

Gap Year Wrapped - Timeline

About Me Hi! I am Zhiqiang. I am a full-stack software engineer majoring in cloud computing area. I am the maintainer of Chaos Mesh, also I am enthusiastic in any kind of open source software. On August 31th 2022, I left my job at PingCAP and started my gap year. I will write a series of posts to review my gap year. Fortunately, I have history weekly-recap posts, although it definitely less frequently than weekly, it’s still very helpful to review my gap year.

What I am Chasing

Honestly, I do not know I have to grant that the gap-year would really consume the ambitions. On the days I just left the PingCAP, I sent lots of resumes to companies to get a job, even I have some unrealistic dreams that I (we) build a new start-up based on Chaos Mesh. But now, what I want is only having a good sleep everyday, then enjoying everything that I do.

2023 Week 32: Ordinary Days x 3

Overview It’s so awkward that I still no back to the regular weekly recap. 😅 And there are still no many things recorded in Journal since last weekly recap written. Professional Stuff New way to build User Interface: Chat Bot I always stuck with drawing UI. I have made some bad UI design like these: I was struggling with the UI design, the layout, typography, color, animation, etc. Until recent

Properly Positive Feedback and Comfort Zone

In last few weeks since I completed the TOEFL test, I do not learn English anymore. And I also break the plan in gym with the coach. I am avoiding the potential things that makes me unhappy, but it is the thing makes me unhappy in the long term. Anxious people live in the future, regretful people live in the past. I DO live in present, I fell happy, but I am fear about the future.