Honestly, I do not know

I have to grant that the gap-year would really consume the ambitions. On the days I just left the PingCAP, I sent lots of resumes to companies to get a job, even I have some unrealistic dreams that I (we) build a new start-up based on Chaos Mesh. But now, what I want is only having a good sleep everyday, then enjoying everything that I do.

Rather than call it ambition-consuming, it’s better that I finally realize that there are lots of tiny happiness could be found in daily life. When I cooking, I enjoy the hot oil splash on my arm, it’s heart but it’s new experience. When I eating, I feel each fiber inside of the vegetables cracked by my teeth. When I resting, I feel the breeze flow under my hand, and the warm sunlight spread on my body.

What I chased before

I failed to figure out what I chased before.

I did not work for lots of money, and I do not clear about what could I do in the next several years. What I did was just follow “what I could do” or “it seems interesting”.

  • Java CRUD at Bangsun Tech, I could do that.
  • SRE at WeiDian, I could do that.
  • Build Chaos Mesh at PingCAP, I could do that, and it seems interesting.

Future Plans

Well, I think lacking of long-term plan is not a big deal. And I have some interest on the following things:

  • Personal Finance
  • Build and Design Product

That’s all, I think.