In last few weeks since I completed the TOEFL test, I do not learn English anymore. And I also break the plan in gym with the coach.

I am avoiding the potential things that makes me unhappy, but it is the thing makes me unhappy in the long term.

Anxious people live in the future, regretful people live in the past. I DO live in present, I fell happy, but I am fear about the future.

Recently I only do the thing that makes me happy in the short term, like playing games, and building some side-projects, like Cloudflare Tunnel Ingress Controller and Dejavu. It makes stay at the Comfort Zone, and I just lost the passion to spend time on learning new things, like finance, economics, English, and body building.

It’s time for me to find the way to spoof the brain, and make me some good habits.

I need find some goog positive feedback / reward as the short term motivation.