Long time no see. I was too busy to write the weekly recap in the last 4 weeks. I was too busy to do anything else. 😅

I just accumulated enough energy and wills to write this post, even it’s already 1 am.

Our family would face lots of changes in 2024, so I think it worth to record the current status of my life.

Maybe 6 months later, I would read this post and think “Oh, that was really a interesting time.” 🤣

Progress and Outcome

In the last weeks, I was making an very intensive work life NOT balance life: I worked with a full-time position, and at the same time, I was working on my product, Haye AI.

Haye AI First Commit

On the side of my full-time job, the team was asked for completing lots of features in the limited time. In the past 3 weeks we completed:

  • running javascript code as FAAS, integrated with the AI workflow
  • a chatbot platform for LLM agent
  • ComfyUI on cloud gpu

and we are prepared to take more challenges tasks in the next weeks. 🥵

On the part-time Haye AI side, we spent about 2 months to build the first public test version of the product. We are going to release the first beta version in the next week. I am very excited about it. In the last 2 months, we spent about 3 - 4 hrs per day to work on it, in other words, we just used 1 month as a full-time job to build it. And we think as we become more proficient, our efficiency will be higher. 🚀


Again, that was totally NOT the WLB lifestyle. 🙅‍♂️ I run as a 9-12-7 working style.

But I am not forced to do so, I just want to do so. I feel that I have a goal to achieve, and I have a plan to make it. There is no reason but to put my best effort into it.

I was made some notes / warning like “do not coding after 10 pm”, but it was NOT followed at all. 🤪

I dedicated on producing new things, which is great. But I did not learn enough new things, which is not good. In the last year, I realized that I need more knowledge in various domain, like business, design, economics, history, etc. I have a long list of books to read, but I did not read them. 😰

And I definitely need to take care of myself. I noticed that my health was not as good as before, on both physical and mental. My weight was increased, and I felt tired easily.️ I tried to do some exercise, but I faced the same problem: I did not have enough time. 😮‍💨

As a summary, keeping high-intensity output may have risks.

Rest / Entertainment?

I think I was mentioned that I got lost interest(aka. 电子阳痿) in video games. I discussed with my wife, and I think I found the reason: the rewards from playing game is not as high as building products. Video game was the single way that consumed my leisure time, but now I just spent it on working, with no complaint. ❤️‍🔥

That’s really weird, but that’s the truth.

I used to take the social activities as a way to relax, like “Liangzhu Crazy Thursday”. But now I feel that it is a little bit kind of time wasting. Now I only take the the afternoon part of the event, and I feel that it is enough.

Sometimes I need to drive to buy some food materials, eat at restaurants, or engage in activities, and the driving time is a great opportunity to relax. I really enjoy the time when I am driving, whether it’s listening to music or a podcast, or simply chatting with my wife. 🥰

Should I take more rest? I think I should. But how? I think I need a plan.

The Plan

I thought “I have not enough time”, but it might not be true. I think I need to make a plan to make my life more efficient.

Discipline brings freedom, but disciplines requires energy. So the basic ideas are changing the environment, building new habits to reduce the requirement of energy. Also take more training to increase the energy level.

  • Work: During the work time, I still was distracted by many things. I think I could be more focused on my work.
  • Rest: I need to make efforts on sleep regularity. And more kinds of rest.
  • Exercise, Learning, Reading: With stable daytime schedule, I should spent some morning time on these things, instead of doing them at night.
  • Entertainment: video game? I am not sure. Maybe take some time on Diablo 4.

That’s all.