Okay, that started. Okay. This is the second time that I am trying to use voice recording with speech to text, technology to writing my blog. And if you found something, something is weird because, you know, this is speech to text. So there is not 100% accuracy.

I have thought about my life, my career, my income and my future plan. I still have no clear things to chase, or I did not get a really understanding about myself.

I do not know what is really I want to get, so every step in my plan or is it plan does not, maybe. Maybe, well, that’s not a aligned. That does not align with my future. So, wow. I think I should reduce all of the things, and ask myself what is really I want. What is really things that I want to taste.

I thought I have found the idea which is making new things, making products, but it’s not really… it’s not really… the answer.

I’m just confused. I was taught by traditional Chinese opinions and I just get awakened from lots of information and knowledge for the enlightenment.

I did not get ready to think about that and make a clear plan. Even I did not convince with myself to do what I am doing. I just jump into the things that I am engineering so I love building things. I just jump into it and forgot all of the other annoying stuffs. I think I should not escape anymore. I have to think about that.

And another thing about it is I do not have enough knowledge to think about the life, think about the future. So I should, I will video put more time on the input and reduce the time on the output. You know, input means reading books, read articles, thinking about the lives. And the output means working, build products.

so that’s all I think maybe after one month or two months after I will share my new opinion about my life. Yeah, that’s all.