This blog records the time span from 2023-09-18 to 2023-10-01.

Professional Stuff

Rebuild My LinkedIn Profile

Several month ago, I tried to migrate my LinkedIn Profile from China to US, but I account got banned after merge these two accounts.

I lost about all the 300 connections, also connections with certifications and badges.

🤦‍♂️ That’s so bad.

Then later, LinkedIn announced that they quit China market, and I think I could setup a new account.

So here is my new LinkedIn account:


Welcome to connect with me. ❤️‍🔥

Chaos Mesh @ KubeCon China 2023

KubeCon China 2023 was hosted at Shanghai during Sept 26-29. We (Cwen, Xianglin and I) hosted the part-time booth and a Maintainer Track talk about Chaos Mesh.

I am so happy that we got lots of attention from the community, there are still several people know us and use Chaos Mesh. We share the same booth with Cilium, so I also met Bill Mulligan, the Developer Advocate @ Isovalent. We talked about the open source community and I learned some tricks about keeping the community active.

Overwhelming Stuffs, Keep Focus on One Major Thing

I used Getting Things Done to organize my project and personal tasks, it used to be efficient before I quit my job.

With many stuffs which are not attractive, and some other stuff are very attractive, I could allocate time on them properly.

But now, I have too many stuffs and ALL OF THEM ARE ATTRACTIVE, I am so confused about which one should I focus on. 😢

After talk with Ehco1996 several weeks ago, I had picked up the one major things I should focus on, and it works well so far.

My most valuable resources are my time and my energy. I could not separate them on trivial stuffs. And I realize the charming of “focusing on one thing” now.

Personal Stuff

Try Nova’s MT Car

One day night at Shanghai, I meet Nova and try his MT car.


The engine sound is completely different from my car, and because of the MT, I could definitely control the power of the car. It’s AMAZING!

I drove the AT car for 1 year. I always use gas pedal to control the speed. When I want to make a overtake, I need to step the gas pedal heavy and quick to hint the AT gearbox downshift. But the MT car is different, just change a lower gear manually, and the car will speed up very quickly, with the beautiful engine sound, and with no lag. 😍

The only one thing that I still trying to adapt is “matching the engine speed with the gearbox speed”, it’s also the word “降挡补油”, It would reduce the jerking when I change the gear.

Learn Photography

After I brought the iPhone 13 Mini, I noticed that I took more and more photos. I would like to record daily life with photos, and I would like to take some beautiful photos.

Then I ready the book The School of Photography, and I learned some basic knowledge about photography.

And I was choosing devices decently. I also borrowed cameras from my friends and try them, thanks them all. 🥰

Keep Reading and Find Useful Methodology

As I just mentioned, GTD does not works well for me now, because it lacks of how to measure how I feeling about the tasks.

I am trying to find new way to keep myself happy, at the same time, keep myself productive.