It takes me too long time to write blogs, so I decided to use another way to write posts.

I would allocate 30 minutes to write a post, and I would not care about the quality of the post, just write it down.

If I found that the quality is not good enough, or there are no more time to express thoughts, I would use other tricks to make it better in next time.

Professional Stuff

Build a Desktop Application: Electron or Native

Recently I am preparing to build a desktop application as a developer tool. I can not make decision on which technology stack should I use.

  • My target user are developers on macOS, I have no plan to support Windows or Linux in the first stage.
  • I do not familiar with the native macOS development, but I am familiar with the web.

I asked @Tualatrix about why he keeps building native application for macOS, he said that the native application is more efficient than electron base app, and also it’s kind of belief of Apple.

I asked my self:

  • Do you think the performance of the application is important for your product?
  • Do you have faith with Apple?

For me, both answers are no.

I think web technology is enough for my product, and I do want to bring my product to all of the developers.

So I choose Electron.

Also I asked an experienced Product Manager, about this question, and he said, just use the technology you are familiar with, and change to native when you have to.

In Progress: From Hugo to Astro

I am stuck with the new theming.

I do not have good design sense for a new theme.

I should find a good spec or copy from other’s theme.

AIGC for Music

There are soo many AI products about LLM and Image Generation, but AI Product for music does not soo hot in the market.

So I take a look about the music generation tools/platforms, and I found that there are already some great products:

  • AIVA
  • Loudly
  • Soundraw
  • BandLab SongStarter

That’s the platform which I think I would use it in the future. All of the build high quality and royalty-free music.

Social Media Dame

I build a chrome extension called “Dame”, it would block the twitter and youtube.

It works well. But I am not going to use it anymore.

I found I got really panic, it seems it pouch my heart, I feel shame and guilty, and it’s really not good for my mental health.

I took an inspection with the Mental Health Section of The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, the result told me I have a little bit of anxiety and mania, but not too serious. No need to take medicine, just need to do some aerobic workout and relax.

Then I decided to disable the extension.

Personal Stuff

Process or Product

That’s the major topic I want to talk about.

When I tried to use GTD system and learn about the productivity and project management, I find it led me to make the “expected outcome” at the beginning of the project.

I think it is a good way to focus, but it’s not good for me now.

It makes me scared, especially when I am not familiar with the project or the domain knowledge.

I am soo FOMO when I learning and doing something new.

So I decided to only “make the expected outcome” in my professional area.

When learning and trying new things, I just put my time and energy on it, and do not care about the outcome.

Hope it would make me feel better.

Meet ehco1996

I meet @ehco1996 in Hangzhou.

He decided to retire when he is 28.

I think the most important things I learned from the conversation is, I need to keep focus.

In the last gap experience, there are soo many things take my attention, and I nearly made nothing completed.

Only one things could be done in the same time.

Liangzhu Culture Village and Apple Events

In the last several weeks, we went to Liangzhu Culture Village every Thursday.

And we also attend the Apple Event Watch Party in Yuniaoji! There are lots of good memories.

Steam Deck

I borrowed a Steam Deck from pseudo_yu, it’s really a great product!

I would not consider to buy the windows gamepad after I tried the SteamOS.

Plaid Speed!

Get a Hair Cut

I got a hair cut for the marriage certificate photo.

Also pseudo_yu and Hwang got a hair cut too.

I would bring it back in the next 2 years!

At the end

It still took me about more than 1 hr to completed this post.

I think I need to practice more.

Oh, about the “gap year wrapped” series, I would update the new post in the next week. 😋