2023 Week 40: Overwhelming then Keep Focus

Overview This blog records the time span from 2023-09-18 to 2023-10-01. Professional Stuff Rebuild My LinkedIn Profile Several month ago, I tried to migrate my LinkedIn Profile from China to US, but I account got banned after merge these two accounts. 哦豁.... https://t.co/3xdWzv0e9V pic.twitter.com/xRdvjIM9KX — STRRL.dev (@strrlthedev) April 20, 2023 I lost about all the 300 connections, also connections with certifications and badges. 🤦‍

2023 Week 38: Process or Product

Overview It takes me too long time to write blogs, so I decided to use another way to write posts. I would allocate 30 minutes to write a post, and I would not care about the quality of the post, just write it down. If I found that the quality is not good enough, or there are no more time to express thoughts, I would use other tricks to make

Gap Year Wrapped - Timeline (Second Half)

Last Post: Gap Year Wrapped - Timeline Timeline I’m so excited to continue recording my gap year life the second part. Let’s start it. February 2023 My major in the university is Digital Media TechKnowledge, so a lot of my university classmates works in Gaming Area like NetEase, Tencent, BiliBili and miHoYo. And actually I am also a hard-core gamer for most kind of games and I still have a

Gap Year Wrapped - Timeline

About Me Hi! I am Zhiqiang. I am a full-stack software engineer majoring in cloud computing area. I am the maintainer of Chaos Mesh, also I am enthusiastic in any kind of open source software. On August 31th 2022, I left my job at PingCAP and started my gap year. I will write a series of posts to review my gap year. Fortunately, I have history weekly-recap posts, although it definitely less frequently than weekly, it’s still very helpful to review my gap year.

What I am Chasing

Honestly, I do not know I have to grant that the gap-year would really consume the ambitions. On the days I just left the PingCAP, I sent lots of resumes to companies to get a job, even I have some unrealistic dreams that I (we) build a new start-up based on Chaos Mesh. But now, what I want is only having a good sleep everyday, then enjoying everything that I do.