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You may have noticed that all images on my blog load from So, what exactly is that?

My Story

I write and publish posts on To make the stories more vivid and interesting, I always include images, canvases, or stickers.

However, the original images from my phone can be several megabytes in size. Additionally, I sometimes record GIFs to introduce interactions, which can also cause issues with large file sizes.

Nova has informed me of a service they offer that can act as a middle layer to shrink the image size.

What is WebP Cloud Services?

This is a cloud service that could speed up the load time of your website by delivering images in modern image formats.

Where can WebP Cloud Services be used?

This service can be used on any website that cares about:

  • loading speed, and/or
  • reducing network data traffic usage.

Why use WebP Cloud Services?

Because it could really reduce the size of the image, and the loading time.






Full reports:

How to use WebP Cloud Services?

I use hugo to generate my blog, with Hugo “Markdown Render Hooks”, I could customize the way to render images. So I could just replace the URL of the image.

Follow the documentation at for various ways to integrate it with your site.